675 passengers
including 50 passengers in the VIP zone
105 Vehicles
105 vehicles on 2 levels or 70 vehicles and 8 trucks.
in 50 minutes
The sea crossing between Tahiti and Moorea takes 50 minutes dock-to-dock
VIP lounge
Luxury invites itself at sea, 50 passengers can benefit from a privileged service and a superior level of comfort
77m in length and 17m in width
Outdoor spaces
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Parking for up to 105 light vehicles on two levels. It can also accommodate up to 8 semi-trailers or trucks and 70 light vehicles. 

Main car park – view to the back entrance

Main car park – view to the front exit

2nd floor lowered – vehicles entrance

2nd floor being pulled up

2nd floor closed and secured – Access on the sides

Perception of the width and depth of the parking



Main afterdeck


The Quinn’s was a mythical place of celebration in Papeete. From its existence in the 50’s to the 70’s, the nightclub attracted friends, acquaintances and regulars every night and the smell of crowns and monoï perfumed the room.

The Quinn’s is represented in two areas: the back living room and the back sundeck 


There is a spacious aft saloon or sundeck for passengers who want to enjoy the sun. There is also a second bar-snack on the Terevau Piti, which is accessible from both inside and outside.


The sundeck

Ideal space for the small groups of revelers…

Tables with chairs

Stools and high tables

Outdoor living room


salon arrière 1er niveau banquette


084_ TEREVAU PITI _V 127

Indoor seats

077_ TEREVAU PITI _V 127



Upper aft deck

The name was given to this space after the color of its seats, but also because it reflects the color of the sea and the sky. The ideal corner when the weather is nice, to enjoy the sun and the fresh air.


A playroom for the kids has been set up to entertain our little ones during the crossings.

We also attach a great importance to the comfort of the people evacuated from Moorea who will be able to enjoy a comfortable and discreet crossing in a rest room dedicated to them but also thanks to the stability of the Terevau Piti at sea.


Snack - Restaurant

A spacious, modern and comfortable dining area. Charging plugs are provided for your phones.

A wide range of dishes and products to eat in or take away will be offered to passengers.


High comfort area


An innovation for our travelers who want more peace and comfort, Tapu Lounge, which offers superior seatings, including 4 luxury seats with 180° recliners. An area for the privileged, with a bar benefiting from a well of light and a special service to discover. 


The sun deck from the TAPU area will allow you to travel while enjoying the sun.